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Consumer demand for sustainable, recyclable, eco-friendly packaging has never been higher.

Producers are facing increasing pressure to provide sustainable packaging solutions or lose customers.

In some cases, we will never get away from using plastic altogether, but we can make sure they are reusable, or at the very least, recyclable.

Where practical, we team this plastic with cardboard and paper to add a certain amount of biodegradability, paper will biodegrade down quicker than some fruit cores.

How are GT Online meeting this demand?

GT Online's Bag-in-Box boxes are made with 3 components. These are:

A layer of paper; Outer liner
One sheet of corrugated or 'fluted' material
A layer of paper; Inner liner
Each side of the fluted material is glued to the flat paper liner during manufacture, fixing the flutes in position and adding rigidity and stability.
The boxes are white with one-colour printing. Cardboard is reusable, recyclable and biodegradable.

And the beverage bags?

The beverage bags are designed to be resource efficient, lightweight and energy efficient to make, while maintaining high standards of protection for your products.

They are manufactured with an inner film of EVOH (Ethylene vinyl alcohol), used as an oxygen barrier and an outer film of PE (Polyethylene). Once sealed, as you dispense, a vacuum is created preventing air from entering the bag and contaminating the liquid within. With this system the shelf life of the product is extended. Once fully dispensed you'll end up with a virtually flat bag.

Both products are considered to be recyclable. Separate from the box and check your local recycling facilities - if they can't recycle it to new plastic, they may be able to send it for conversion to energy.

Benefits of Bag-in-Box Vs Conventional packaging (for liquids)

Up to 80% less waste than wine bottles
Lower carbon footprint than PET bottles
Considerably lighter than HDPE alternatives
Improved shelf-life reducing waste
Safer to store and handle than glass

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